3D Scanner

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The wigs are made through obtaining precisely customized solutions that are ideal for every person. In the same way that everyone’s fingerprints are unique,
everyone’s heads vary in size and shape. Therefore, it is important to precisely measure the heads for comfortable and natural wigs.
We accurately measure the head shape and the extent of hair loss for each customer with our 3D scanners and create a model that is identical to the customer's
head through the use of an automated molding technique. We provide a distinctive wig that perfectly matches each and every one of our customers.

why 3d scanner

In 2002, Hi-MO introduced the 3D scanner system for the first time in the industry and
continued development through R&D to measure the head shape more accurately.

wig production process

The measured data is transmitted to our factory in real time. With the automated
molding technique, a model that is the same as the customer's head shape is carefully manufactured.

  • 3D Scanner
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Fitting
  • measuring method

    While the customer remains seated,
    the 3D scanner’s rotates 360 degrees
    for a rapid and accurate measurement.

  • Accuracy

    Computerized measurements
    allows accurate measure

  • Time required
    for the measurement

    The measurement is completed
    with in 15 seconds.

  • Time required
    for the production

    The data transmitted in real time through the
    ERP system enables the automated
    molding technique to be used, there
    by reducing the time required for the production.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 44.09” x 27.56” x 68.50” cm
Weight 84 kg
Scanning Time 15 sec
Scanning Method Laser Triangulation

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