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Nexart hair

Nexart hair, moving beyond the limitations of wigs

Nextart hair, which perfectly replicates even the cuticle layers of human hair, adds naturalness to your hair as if it is your own, and as it reflects less light, it perfectly resembles human hair.

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features of nexart hair

  • The same structure
    as the human hair

    It is made of the same
    structure as human hair,
    and creates a naturalness
    similar to your own hair.

  • Excellent for styling

    It allows your hair style
    to remain perfect through
    its excellent volumizing effect.

  • High durability

    Its high resistance to heat and
    light ensures that your hair will
    remain natural at all times.

  • Easy care

    It is easy to maintain your
    style due to its low level of
    water content.


RC hair creates a realistic forehead line

While ordinary hair displays hand knots in the forehead, the RC hair technology of Hi-MO dyes the knots of the Nexart hair to a color similar to your scalp, hiding such knots and thereby making the hair look much more natural as if it had grown out of your own scalp.

Realistic forehead lines are completed with RC hair

In the case of common knots, black dotted knots are regularly shown. However, with the Hi-MO RC hair technology, the knot portion of Nexart parts are dyed with colors close to the scalp color to hide the knot points. Natural hairs can be produced by this technology as if the hairs come from my scalp.


※ Patent Application Number : 10-2014-0120884

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