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We offer you a comfortable and natural wig from your perspective with our proprietary technological expertise.

  • Consultation
  • Manufacturing
  • Inspection
    and Shipping
step 01


Conduct a detailed consultation on the wig you want.

Vrtual Hair System

This is the virtual experience system that enables you to experience various images
of wearing wigs in advance when consulting products.

3D Scanner

The 3D Scanner accurately measures the head shape and the range of hair loss for
each customer and then transmits this data. The measured data is sent to
our factories in real time and is used to accurately create a model that is identical to
the customer's head through the use of an automated molding technique.

step 02


The measured 3D data is sent to a molding machine
that automatically creates a mold that is identical
to the customer's head. A base is then manufactured
while the final product is handmade.

Automation Process

3D phrenological data obtained by measuring your head shape is
transmitted to the molding machine, automatically producing a mold
with the same shape as your head.

step 03

Inspection and Shipping

After the final inspection is complete, the product will be shipped to the place where the order was made.

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