3-Stage solution

We offer a 3-stage solution according to the condition of your hair.

step 01

hair care

The stop when the hair begins to fall out


Hi-MO LLC hair care products

Hi-MO LLC hair care products contain more than 10 different types of herbs
that have been extracted from plants to maintain the cleanliness of hair
as well as the scalp, and add natural beauty, thereby keeping the hair healthy.


Natural protector shampoo, Vital scalp toner, Hair care Treatment

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step 02

Hair Addition

A condition in which the hair becomes thin and
begins to affect the way the customer styles their hair.


Hair addition

Effective for the early-stage hair loss as it adds hair as needed to areas
where you want more hair. By adding 4 hair strands to each existing
healthy strand, it gives the effect of newly grown hair.
You can increase hair in the spot you want as necessary,
effectively solving your hair loss problem at its initial stage.

(Patent No. 088506, The Method of Artificial Hair Addition)
step 03

Customized Wigs

A condition in which extensive hair
loss is in progress and the scalp is visible.


Customized wigs

After years of research, Hi-MO LLC has created the technology
to develop a wig that is perfectly unique & fit for each and every one.

Types of Hair Loss

After accurately diagnosing the state of one's hair loss,
we recommend products that are ideal for each of our customers.

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