Synthetic Wigs


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Hi-MO provides a total hair care solution personalized for each customer. The company provides a solution personalized for each customer
from their perspective through ceaseless technological research and development, helping them to experience a new happy life through its products.

Best Fit !

Simple parting structure

Hi-MO's simple structure makes the product light and feels good to wear on the scalp.

3D scanner system

The system measures the 3D phrenology of a customer to provide them with a comfortable and natural wig.

Synthetic Wigs | HI-MO

Various Styling !

SV Handmade Method

Hi-MO's new technology allows you to freely direct your hair like your own.

Virtual Hair System

The system allows customers to virtually experience a new wig before actually wearing it.

Perfect Balance

The same structure as
the human hair

It`s natural because the Nexart and
the real hairs are a perfect match.

Nexart Hair

The next-generation wig is made through the SMT technology that memorizes the shape of the hairstyle, which is Hi-MO's proprietary technology.

Natural Volume

Three-stage gradient structure

The rigid three-stage structure of the front forehead creates a natural volume.


The thin and light hair volume solution is made with a micro-thin weft machine.

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