Feather Hair Accessories Product


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FEATHERLINE is manufactured by using a micro thin-weft machine developed by Hi-MO LLC the micro thin weft machine knots the hair the same way as hand knotting,
which allows the weft to be lighter and slimmer than current extensions the market.

why featherline

Feather Hair Accessories Product | HI-MO
Technology Beyond Limit

The FEATHERLINE’s groundbreaking thin weft technology
allows thin hairs to create natural hair volume.

Customize Your Extension

The FEATHERLINE is available in various colors and lengths.
You can also order the hair color, hair ratio and hair length that you require.

  • Color

    Bronzes, Light Brown, Dark Brown etc.
    You can make it with the color you want.

  • Configuration

    Width : 1.5cm x 0pcs / 3cm x 0pcs / 6cm x 0pcs   

    length : 00cm

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