The starter kit is a tool set that facilitates the FEATHERLINE-Attaching procedure.

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size 12.32” x 5.43” x 1.61” (w x d x h)
key point [ COMPONENTS ]
Special pliers
A needle for the procedure
Tweezers 2ea
Spare micro ring
User manual
how to use 1. Fix the FEATHERLINE with the tweezers in the desired position.
2. Hold 20-30 hair strands to fix the FEATHERLINE with your hand.
3. It is important to place the FEATHERLINE as close to the scalp as possible.
4. Put a needle through the micro ring and from the bottom-up hang the hair that you are holding on the end of the needle.
5. Pull the hair through the micro ring.
6. Press the micro ring by using the pliers.
7. Fix the remainder of the hair in the same way to complete the hair style
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